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Integral to how we Work
is where our Manufacturing is carried on.

Infrastructure at Soundarya
Soundarya is spread over 15 acres of factory and office space, equipped with state of the art machinery and facilities. Our new factory and office premises are a live example of our efforts and commitment to sustainable development of the ecology and the environment. Heart and soul, our factory represents much of what we have accomplished and hope to achieve.
Machinery (Equipment)    
 State of the art CNC machinery for all processes from cutting to finishing.
 Wide variety of machines and tools imported from Europe to help at all levels    of production.
 Automatic finishing line capable of coating 5000 sq. ft. a day resulting in a    combination of speed and consistency.
Factory (Space)          
The production is spread over 75000 sq.ft. of work shop space distinctly divided to accommodate our teams.
  Production Teams -
Well trained groups in the factory
 Machine operators
 Painters and polishers
 Metal workers
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