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our Work. our Strength.  No Shortcuts
We believe in doing things the way they should be done – with no quick routes or easy ways out. Of course, our minds work fast, and if we spot an intelligent short-cut, which will benefit the client more than the usual practice, we do not hesitate in adding value to our client’s advantage.
 Factory/Machine based Production
We are pioneers and frontline leaders in off-site manufacturing and pre-engineering of components for the execution of interior works. This leads to better finished products, exacting specifications and durable finishes. It also means we need fewer people at site to execute the job.
 Innovative, Passionate and Professional minds
Well structured teams with clearly defined roles and responsibilities make their home at Soundarya. Young, passionate and committed, our team staff come with minds that are strong on knowledge as well as experience. Also sealing the strength of our teams is a perfectly professional attitude confirming strictly to all established and accepted ethical norms.
 Well Defined Quality Policy
We have established ourselves for the way we maintain quality, through all of our work, and under all conditions, even beyond our client’s expectations. In fact, we’ve made it a point to set quality standards and benchmarks in the industry.
 Committed Time Frames
 Experimentation, Innovation and Challenges
We at Soundarya realise that for all clients, time IS money We strive to execute projects in exacting time frames.
Attempts to reach higher, and achieve more are always welcome. With our sound footing, we have imbibed a confidence in our capability to comprehend and understand well, the vision of the designer and to deliver exactly what is desired in the best form possible.
 Well Equipped and Constantly Growing Infrastructure
It’s never about resting on laurels and giving in to complacence. We always keep an eye out to improve ourselves and to maintain and add to our up-to-date infrastructure, machinery and factory. Our factory is spread over a 6-hectare campus with a 7200 sq. meter facility equipped with German machinery, and is capable of handling large volumes, spanning 1-5 lakh square feet in challenging time frames.
Safety at the factory and at sites are of paramount importance to us. We have a Safety Policy in place and the organization is equipped with the right people to monitor safety. We have a good safety record, without any major safety issues over the last two decades .
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