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no matter what the challenge.
we have the solutions.
The genuine Soundarya advantage:
Dry Fitted systems
Components like door frames, shutters, panels and other components with necessary provision for hardware arrive at site in finished condition for dry fitting.

Dry fitted components, if damaged, is replaceable at any future date without affecting the functioning of the office and with a minimum damage to adjacent surfaces.

Elimination of wet works to a large extent reduces time lines.

Finesse in every process using a variety of
techniques including
True inner lipping
Nail free construction
Balancing of boards used for doors, table-tops, etc.
Calibration sanding of boards prior to finish to minimise variations over large planar surfaces
CNC tooling to ensure accuracy and handle complexity
Veneer batch matching
Use of seasoned timber
In-house pressing of veneer and laminates
Hollow core door shutters and partitions for work-stations
Proprietary modular opaque and double glazed partitioning system

All of these only work to our client’s advantage offering
them many benefits.

      Repeatability with consistency
      Faster delivery with uniform quality
      More room and a cleaner site
      Capability to handle site of any magnitude, anywhere
      Less dependence on skills
      Defined process flow and monitoring system provide
       better control over execution with stage of
       production determinable at any time

    Established sequences and methodologies increases
      productivity and reduces errors
    Correct sequencing to ensure quality finishing within
      set time frames
    With each component numbered and documented,
      we have delivered more than 100 sites in the last
      5 years across many cities
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